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Monday, 23 February 2015

(The Angels Wanna) Wear My Red Shoes

Evening chums,

A gentle note to inform you that my well-I-think-it's-amusing-comical-strip, Grace's Imaginary Menagerie will be making it's triumphant return to the always splendid Aces Weekly next month.  It'll be appearing in issue 15, starting on March 2nd.

If you've not yet checked out Aces Weekly then shame on you!  You're missing out on a super, super digital collection of comics fun.  Go there now, and tell them that I politely sent you.

(Don't forget, you can also grab my comics through my comicsy store here)


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Time of the season

Evening folks,

I'm quite determined to use this blog a bit more to promote my work in coming months.  Looking through it, there seems lots of mildly interesting content, but precious little in terms of finished pages?  Let's put that right shall we....

I'll paste a few selected black and white pages from various bits and pieces what I've done in the past year or two for your collective perusal....

First off, one of my fave pages from Rol Hirst's super 'Too Much Sex and Violence'

Then a selection of pages from my on-going work on the 'Grinning Mask'....

How's that?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Black Sheep Boy

Once again folks, I have returned from Thought Bubble and feel compelled to say how absolutely super it is.  I have just spent a weekend surrounded by some very inspirational people and really can't compliment the organisers and volunteers enough on putting together what has (for my money) got to be the UK's best comics show.

If you've never been before, then you really owe it to yourself to get along next year.  I can't quite frankly imagine how the team will top this year's event, but nonetheless I'm confident that they will.

Can you tell that I had a super weekend of it?

(Obligatory photo of my table before the show)

I was happily debuting the 4th issue of the Grinning Mask which seems to have gone down very well with the comic buying public.  If you missed it, then I've updated my Comicsy store where you can order stuff and read freebies PDFs.  Go seek.

Amongst other scribblings over the weekend I was jolly chuffed to be asked to do a commission of that super character the Shadow.  Being rather unsure how to tackle this one, I actually did two piccies - a comical version and a more serious one.  See if you can tell which is which and then go and visit the comic art gallery where these now hang in pride of place amongst some other very talented artists.  Do take a browse and see the fantastic body of work that is being collected here.....

(If you're interested in commissioning me, then do get in touch at theboytaylor at hotmail dot com)

A great weekend, and here's to the next one.....

Your chum

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Oh you pretty things

Quick note for you chums.

Following a handful of requests, I've started to put together a pre-show commission list for Thought Bubble.  If by any chance you'd like to pay me to draw you something ahead of everyone's-favourite-Leeds-based-comics-show, then do drop me a line at theboytaylor at hotmail dot com, and we can have a hopefully pleasant chat about the whole thing.

(Ziggy commands you)

I shall leave you to it then chums.  Some exciting news about the next edition of the Grinning Mask will be appearing here in the coming weeks.....


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cold as ice

Well chums, I'm running around in excited readiness to get my stuff together for ICE this weekend. 

Hopefully I'll see you my solitary gentle reader there?  It promises to be a top wheeze and I shall be trying to sell comics, junk and sketches in earnest.  I've even got some freebie comics (whilst stocks last) for anyone popping by my table and saying the secret pass code 'Everything's all and it's rosy, it's a beautiful day'.

Pop by my table to say hello and feast your eyes on the goodies neatly stacked thereon....

Toodle pip